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Hi, we're John and Greg, the father and son duo that started CareerHQ.

I've walked your path and I know what its like to change careers.

Life is full of discovery, opportunities, and forks in the road.

No one's journey is the same - we are each in charge of our own.

Unfortunately, for many of us this can be daunting.

It helps to understand how your studies can create the future you want.

We created CareerHQ to reduce the anxiety that career choices can cause in today's world.

Because we all deserve to do what makes us happy.

A bit more about us

John Mumm

CareerHQ offer an integrated set of career education tools that support young adults, schools,and educators, communities, and policy-makers by providing tools and data to enhance careerand study choices, community employment and engagement.Our tools offer a unique data-based approach to assist local government, industry, education,and communities to understand and incorporate the voice of young people into their policiesand programs in order to address and innovate around key employment, social and educationoutcomes.

This data focuses on sharing the career interests and skills of young adults, how they feel abouttheir local area and education, youth migration statistics, and how they wish to be supported inmaking career and study decisions. We support schools and communities to:

  • Listen: Understand the skills and career interests of young people and how they wish tobe supported.
  • Engage: Support schools to connect directly with students regarding industry and careeropportunities.
  • Plan: Let the voice of young people inform the future planning of organisations andregions.

Greg Mumm

Helping young people to understand and pursue their interests and potential has been at the heart of Greg’s career.

With a distinguished career in professional sports coaching allied with classroom teaching experience and a Master’s degree in Coach Education under his belt, Greg truly belongs in the field of career and personal development coaching.

Greg is inspired by providing people with the appropriate tools to help them make their own career and study choices and find their own happiness.

This sits at the core of CareerHQ’s philosophy and process to help people create their own exciting and fulfilling career paths.


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