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  • Bachelor of Accident Forensics

    Bachelor of Accident Forensics students learn to assess accidents across all methods of transport and industrial environments, using techniques such as forensic engineering and incident phenomenology.

    Central Queensland University
  • Bachelor of Accounting

    Bachelor of Accounting students looks at accounting concepts, methods and techniques so they can provide taxation, auditing and financial planning advice to clients.

    Central Queensland University
  • Bachelor of Applied Geographical Information Systems

    Bachelor of Applied Geographical Information Systems students explore spatial science and technologies and their applications. A placement during study is often an element of this degree.

    Flinders University
  • Bachelor of Applied Public Health

    Bachelor of Public Health students explore ways in which to improve the health of the population, prolong life and promote healthy living. Courses cover the science of health and how public policy is applied to it.

    ​Torrens University Australia
  • Bachelor of Archaeology

    Bachelor of Archaeology students explore ancient cultures and civilizations using scientific research methods, an understanding of the arts and fieldwork experience.

    Flinders University
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies

    Bachelor of Architectural Design students learn how building design impacts its surrounds. Students look at sustainability, climate factors and function. This course provides a pathway to being a registered architect.

    ​University of South Australia

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